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Organization of MERF

Middle East Reformed Fellowship has been registered in the Republic of Cyprus since 1984 as a religious, non-profit, and non-political charitable organization. The Fellowship serves in the Middle East, North Africa, Ethiopia, Northern Kenya, Tanzania, Pakistan, and Indonesia.

MERF is a cooperative effort of evangelical and Reformed churches and believers worldwide; most are volunteers. A committee of management and board of trustees of energetic, faithful leaders brings together gifts and expertise from around the globe. An annual International Council links partners with field and support representatives in fellowship, planning, and prayer.

MERF's international headquarters is located at the John Calvin Center in Larnaca, Cyprus. Its General Director is Rev. Victor Atallah, based in Larnaca, from which he travels extensively to promote and encourage the work of the Fellowship.

The Fellowship is administered by a committee of management and seven trustees representing the Fellowship's International Council, which is composed of leaders from both its Field and Support Committees. Support Committees are located in the USA, Canada, England, Scotland, Ireland, Netherlands, Australia, and New Zealand.

Support Committees

  1. The MERF Support Committees (branches) are organized on the same basis as the Fellowship. They shall have the same statements of faith and purpose, and thus seek to represent and support the Fellowship and to promote its ministries.
  2. These branches shall be independently incorporated according to the laws applicable in their localities, with their own internal structures, bylaws, directors and other personnel.
  3. These branches shall do their work in regular consultation with the Fellowship. They carry out their activities on the basis of regularly updated reports on the ministries.
  4. These branches shall support the Fellowship as follows:
  • By means of organizing regional activities in Reformed circles of their own countries to make known the ministries and needs of the Fellowship
  • By representing the Fellowship to churches, organizations and believers in their own countries
  • By regulating and carrying out fund raising endeavors for the Fellowship in their own localities. The fund raising endeavors of these branches shall agree with the spirit of the Fellowship's promotional and financial policies. It is expected that every effort is to be made to minimize administrative and other costs of support branches and to maximize the portion of funds raised for the field ministries of the Fellowship. These fund raising endeavors shall involve:
  1. Receiving and receipting funds on behalf of the Fellowship
  2. Providing the Fellowship with regular financial reports and the annual audit of their monetary activities
  3. Making the necessary transfers of funds for the needs of the Fellowship
  • By seeking and sending, at the request and approval of the Fellowship, personnel whose expertise is needed for long or short terms of service with the Fellowship. This includes making the necessary arrangements for their support.

MERF Regional Committees

MERF Regional Support Committees (RSC) are organized to promote MERF's ministries, stimulating sustained and regular prayerful support of churches, families and individual believers. RSCs are appointed by MERF national Councils, State Committees or Regional Representatives. Members may be selected from those supporters already on the mailing list, those who are recommended by churches or pastors, or from among those who contact MERF personnel to offer their services.

Members of RSCs shall:

  1. Be committed to the Reformed faith
  2. Be aware of and committed to MERF's vision, standards, indigenous nature, strategy, policies and ministries, as spelled out in the MERF manual
  3. Be able and willing to give time and effort to the work of the committee

RSCs shall promote the ministries of MERF through:

  1. Holding well-planned and organized regular MERF-Awareness activities (rallies, church meetings, regional public meetings, small home groups and circulation of literature)
  2. Holding well-planned and organized regular MERF prayer meetings
  3. Enlisting more people (friends, relatives, acquaintances) for the mailing list
  4. Carrying out regular updates on the ministries and needs of MERF, to churches, supporting families and individuals, as well as potential supporters
  5. Enlisting MERF contact persons in churches and sub-regional areas
  6. Use of the media-photos, videos, brochures, church bulletins and bulletin boards, ads in the local and church media and Internet-based media
  7. Seeking firm and specific pledges and commitments for prayerful support. This includes regular installments of support, one time emergency support, deferred or planned giving of different kinds, etc.


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