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Policies of MERF


MERF, being a Christian, non-profit and non-political, charitable organization, must remain clear of any involvements that would tarnish its reputation, hinder its ministries or violate its commitments. This means that particular care must be taken to avoid any political overtones in the activities or the ministries of the Fellowship.


The main objective of MERF is the service of the churches. Cooperative agreements for any ministry must normally be with churches, and not with individuals or parachurch groups. Under no circumstances should there be any formal cooperation with parachurch groups that do not agree with MERF's Statement of Faith. However, informal cooperation, which does not compromise MERF's standards, is not discouraged with Reformed personnel in non-Reformed organizations.


The promotion of the ministry must be characterized by truthfulness and integrity. Moreover, particular care must be taken to avoid counterproductive advertising which may hinder or block the ministry. The promotion of MERF and the raising of funds for it at present is directed as follows:

  1. Through enlisting the regular support of those interested in the propagation of the Reformed faith.
  2. Through enlisting the regular support of churches, agencies and organizations.
  3. Through the pledges, bequests and deferred giving of believers.
  4. Through the careful use of the Christian media.
  5. Through organizing support branches, regional councils and committees, prayer groups, and appointing representatives.


Handling of funds must be straightforward and above board. Expenditure of funds is directed by the following principles:

  1. All contributions, regardless of their source, are to be spent for the exclusive fulfillment of the purposes laid down in the statement of purpose.
  2. Contributions, regardless of their source, may not be accepted if given with stipulations which might violate MERF's principles or beliefs.
  3. Designated funds must be used only in the areas for which they are given.
  4. Undesignated funds are added to the General Fund to be distributed among the different ministries according to the budget.
  5. Administrative costs must not exceed 7% of the total budget, except for diaconal contribution, for which the application of administrative costs is not allowed.*

* Please refer to detailed description on Diaconal Aid in the following division on the manual "Activities and Projects."


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