Pakistan is a country located at the convergence of Central Asia, the Indian Subcontinent, and the Middle East. It is bordered by Afghanistan and Iran in the west, India in the east and China in the far northeast. The area has witnessed invasions and settlement by the Aryans, Persians, Greeks, Arabs, Turks, Afghans and the Mongols. It was a part of British Raj from 1858 to 1947, when the Pakistan Movement for a state for Muslims resulted in the independence and creation of the state of Pakistan. With the adoption of its constitution in 1956, Pakistan became an Islamic republic. Pakistan's history has been characterized by periods of economic growth, military rule and political instability. It is the sixth most populous country in the world and has the second largest Muslim population in the world after Indonesia.

Working with faithful churches in Lahore, MERF carries out both radio and TV broadcasting of the Gospel and Bible studies in the Urdu language. A seminary in Lahore trains and supports local pastors and evangelists for missionary work, and provides a ministry of mercy in Christ's name to the local community through medical clinics that serve forty to fifty poor Pakistanis daily, as well as through literacy centers in the villages of Pakistan. Five Christian schools provide good education for the children of the poor Pakistani brethren, teaching around 2,750 young Pakistani Christians.


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