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Gospel Radio Broadcasts

MERF's broadcasts bring God's Word to millions of Arabic-speaking people who live in the 22 nations of the Arab League, and to millions of Farsi-speaking people in Iran, Azerbaijan and Afghanistan. In addition MERF broadcasts teams also reach millions of people in East Africa, Pakistan and Indonesia.MERF's Gospel broadcasts are designed to bring to light the full impact of human sinfulness as it contrasts with the riches of Christ's redemptive grace. Personalized follow-up of listeners responding to the broadcasts is provided by means of correspondence and literature, which often leads to pastoral visitation and discipling by trained local Christians. MERF's Gospel broadcasts are designed to bring to light the full impact of human sinfulness and the remedy found in the riches of Christ's redemptive grace. Many have come to know Christ in places where no churches or foreign missionaries exist.

Arabic Broadcasts

Through its lively radio broadcasts, MERF is bringing Christ to closed Arab lands. Arabic gospel programs are produced by teams of Arab believers. Every night over 340 million Arabs can tune in to a thought-provoking, conversational broadcast on a popular radio station.

Hundreds reply by text message, email, or letter and receive personal follow-up.

Other Broadcasts

MERF broadcast teams proclaim the good news to listeners in other native tongues:

  • Dinka and Nuer--South Sudan tribal people
  • Amharic, Oromo, & Somali--Ethiopia and Somalia
  • Farsi--Iran and Afghanistan
  • Javanese, Sundanese, Toraja, Makassarese & Bugis--Indonesia
  • Urdu--Pakistan (in preparation)

Arabic Broadcast Schedule

Middle East Time
Radio Monte Carlo (Cyprus)
MW 243m
Radio Monte Carlo (Cyprus)
MW 243m
Radio Monte Carlo (Monaco)
Sat and Sun
MW 205m



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