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What does MERF do?

MERF's Various Ministries

MERF is engaged in serving Christ in His world. As an instrument in the hands of the Redeemer, it aims to serve where and how Christ leads. MERF seeks to encourage and strengthen the Church throughout the Middle East, North and East Africa, as well as Indonesia and Pakistan. Non-Christians are responding to the challenge of the Gospel of Christ. They are being discipled by national Christians. Those in need are being helped spiritually and materially. The Lord Jesus Christ has raised up indigenous missionaries to serve Him in Arab and Muslim lands. These workers serve under local Reformed and Presbyterian churches. Our ministries include:

1. Evangelistic Outreach

MERF is moving forward with an indigenous God-centered outreach to all people in its sphere of ministry. This is to be carried out especially through the support of national evangelists and the use of the media such as radio, print, and internet. We seek to commend the gospel to our hearers by speaking the truth in love. MERF is reaching Muslims and others through gospel broadcasts, websites, and literature in the Arabic (targeting 340 million in 22 nations), Farsi (reaching Azerbaijan and Afghanistan), Dinka and Nuer, Amharic and Oromo (Ethiopia), Somali (covering the Horn of Africa) and the five Indonesian languages: Javannese, Sundanese, Bugis, Makassar and Toraja. Preparations are underway for airing Gospel messages in the Urdu language of Pakistan.

2. Biblical Training

MERF is discipling converts and church leaders by equipping those already knowledgeable in local language and culture. MERF provides solid biblical and theological instruction for leaders and potential leaders with specific programs and seminars. This training frequently employs pastors and teachers from English-speaking countries who provide short-term modules of instruction.

3. Church Planting

MERF is helping nationals build healthy and sound congregations where they are needed. This is always done in consultation with and under the supervision of an indigenous ecclesiastical body. We do not seek to form new denominations. MERF is helping expand the Kingdom of Jesus Christ through trained nationals working in Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Chad, Egypt, Iraq, Pakistan, Lebanon, Palestine, the Arabian Gulf and Indonesia.

4. Diaconal Aid

MERF reaches out with Christ's compassion for the suffering. Based on biblical principles, this work of mercy is exercised by a consistent ministry of word and deed (Gal. 6:10). In response to the command, "doing good unto all men, especially unto them who are of the household of faith" (Gal. 6:10), MERF is ready to serve the needs of God's people and others in the name of Christ. Such works of mercy are always administered by means of volunteers and under guidance of the local churches. We are careful to avoid the recipients' dependence on foreign aid.


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