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Athanasius Program

MERF's Athanasius Program brings individuals and small groups of converts out of their hostile Islamic environment for in-depth Bible training.

These letters illustrate their great need for scriptural armament to face the isolation and pressure of the Muslim world:

From Saudi Arabia:

I am a Muslim by birth, not because I chose Islam but because my father chose it for me and I found myself Muslim without choice...Now I have discovered the truth of the one who said, "Look unto me and be saved."(Isaiah 45:22) I need your help. Please help me...How could I escape my present tragic circumstances? If they know of my new faith I will definitely have my head cut off after much torture. Help me please.

From Egypt:

Since believing in Christ I have come to realize how important is the Christian faith for my family and society...I have a desire to grow in my relationship to the Christ and to be able to teach others in my family and neighborhood. I would like to see a group of them follow the Savior but I need to learn much. Will you teach me?

The early church father from the Middle East, Athanasius of Alexandria (296-372), proclaimed boldly the uniqueness of our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. Today, by the power of the Holy Spirit, more and more Muslims are coming in faith to the true Lord and Savior.

Through the Athanasius Program you can join in nurturing the faith of these new believers, arming them with God's Word to live boldly in a hostile Islamic community. The strategy of the program is to provide intensive training to the most qualified of the converts. The program equips them with an adequate knowledge of the Scriptures and basic doctrines, as well as tools for the study and teaching of the Bible to others. Since no professional pastors can be provided in most Muslim countries, this program is geared to building solid lay leadership for these converts.

MERF requests your help to nurture Muslim converts in the Christian faith through the Athanasius Program. Your prayerful support is most needed!


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